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Drape Drape 2: dress no. 2

Have you guys tried any of the books in the Drape Drape series?  Even though it's a bit out of my standard sewing repertoire (to say the least!), I was seriously intrigued by the amazing, draped creations in these books.  Many are single pieces that are "origamied" (my word, made up 🙂 into a garment.… Continue reading Drape Drape 2: dress no. 2

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Granville Shirt by Sewaholic

Collared, cuffed, button down shirts.  They are a little bit outside my wardrobe comfort zone, to be honest.  They feel a bit masculine to me, and I like pretty.  But, I know I should own some, so I was pleased that Sewaholic released a version with some details I could appreciate: the Granville.My main beef… Continue reading Granville Shirt by Sewaholic

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Cropped Myrtle dress and pattern review

I guess it's a little silly since I just drafted and released my own (free!) cowl-neck pattern, but I just had to buy Colette's newest release, the Myrtle dress.  It was like a black hole, just pulling me in: I couldn't resist!  I love a casual dress, and this pattern looked like it would be… Continue reading Cropped Myrtle dress and pattern review

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Scalloped Hem Shorts: pattern review

I've been ogling Pattern Runway's selection of offerings for a while (this one especially, not sure why I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet!), so when I realized I needed a pair of shorts, I finally purchased the Scalloped Hem Shorts.  They are interesting without being odd, and have some sewing details that make… Continue reading Scalloped Hem Shorts: pattern review

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First day of school, new wool dress (Vogue 8902)

I know, I know...I just had my first day of school.  But that was my own teaching quarter.  As it turns out, I'm also taking a class, and my first day of Patternmaking at a local community college began this past Tuesday!  Of course I had to make something to wear!(Awkward arm angle to show… Continue reading First day of school, new wool dress (Vogue 8902)

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Coastal Cargos and Recess Raglan, done!

I'll preface this post by saying that these may be the last two garments I sew for this particular child of mine. Granted, it's the end of a 10 week summer break, but the amount of grief I was given when asking said child to try on the clothes I had painstakingly made for him… Continue reading Coastal Cargos and Recess Raglan, done!

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Kid’s Clothes Week: Days 4+5

Anyone who sews for boy children knows that there is a serious dearth of cute clothing patterns for little men, and big men, too, actually.  So I was thrilled to find the Blank Slate pattern company, which gives little boys their due attention in the cute clothing department, and I quickly purchased the Perfect Polo. The… Continue reading Kid’s Clothes Week: Days 4+5

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More tops for the spring (kind of)

Knits and sergers.  They're like a foreign language compared to sewing wovens with a regular machine.  Whereas I feel confident in my sewing skills on my regular machine, I get nervous and uncertain when I sit down with knit fabric at my serger.   Of course the only way to resolve that issue is practice, so… Continue reading More tops for the spring (kind of)

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Rooibos, with mods

As my prize for my Spring Top Sewalong Reader's Choice award last year (has it been a year already?!), I chose one of the gorgeous designs from Colette Patterns: the Rooibos.  There's so much to love about this dress--piping, pockets, fitted midriff, work appropriateness, etc.  The design is very close fitting, and since I was… Continue reading Rooibos, with mods