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Really Maritime-y shorts

I bought this lovely chambray fabric (Robert Kaufman, Nautique Chambray) because anchors! I had ideas for a skirt which never materialized, and then felt inextricably drawn to the idea of making Grainline's Maritime Shorts with it because, well, anchors.  It's kitschy, sure, but once my mind latched on to that idea, there was no going… Continue reading Really Maritime-y shorts

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Summertime shorts

I'm STILL not on vacation (t-minus 20 hours or so), but at some point it will be summer break for me, since thankfully, it's kind of inevitable.  I'm done with pencil skirts and wool pants for a while; on to summer attire!  So, shorts.  I'm so not a fan of shorts (still not after making… Continue reading Summertime shorts

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Scalloped Hem Shorts: pattern review

I've been ogling Pattern Runway's selection of offerings for a while (this one especially, not sure why I haven't pulled the trigger on it yet!), so when I realized I needed a pair of shorts, I finally purchased the Scalloped Hem Shorts.  They are interesting without being odd, and have some sewing details that make… Continue reading Scalloped Hem Shorts: pattern review

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Kid’s Clothes Week: Days 6, 7 + 8

I got started on one final project for Spring Kid's Clothes Week on Friday, a pair of overalls for my little man.  After working on them for what feels like an eternity, I finally finished them today (just a day overdue :).  Between constantly switching between regular and topstitching thread, having to sew each seam… Continue reading Kid’s Clothes Week: Days 6, 7 + 8

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Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 1

I'm going to preface this post by divulging that I have been home without children for the entire day.  Compound that with not having to deal with fit issues (yay for kid's clothing!) and I was a very productive seamstress should be expected under the aforementioned circumstances, right?On to the daily report!  First up,… Continue reading Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 1