Drafting a welt pocket

I’m not going to try to recreate the wheel here–this pictorial more than adequately describes how to install a welt pocket. However, since it doesn’t include dimensions for the welts, I wanted to share how I adapted these instructions for my own item of clothing. First, determine how long you want your welt pocket to… Continue reading Drafting a welt pocket

Heart rate monitor & sports bra sewing hack

You can buy sports bras with built in heart rate monitors, but they run $70-$100. For a bra that isn’t even pretty! As it turns out, if you can sew, you can make your own for less than less than $25, and that’s if you buy everything new. In this tutorial, we’re going to trim a heart rate monitor strap and attach it to the inside of the front of your sports bra with Velcro!

Hong Kong finish and underlining in one step

A slim fit wool skirt such as the Charlotte really begs to be lined. Adding a layer of smooth and slippery fabric makes a wool skirt more comfortable to wear (especially with tights) and extends the life of the garment. Sewing a lining is fairly simple, however, there’s another technique that serves the same purpose: underlining.

Miter-cornered napkins, two ways

Two ways, two fabrics for mitered napkins.

If you’re coming from Britex Fabrics, welcome!  At our house, we’ve been exclusively using cloth napkins for a while now.  I typically use quilting cotton for our “regular” napkins, so when I received the cotton and linen yardage from Britex, I almost felt guilty for using such incredible, beautiful fabric essentially for wiping dirty hands and mouths. … Continue reading Miter-cornered napkins, two ways