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Ironing board recover in Olfa Mat!

A a few months ago, with concern for my kids’ safety when they’re milling around under my ironing board, I bought a sturdier version.  My previous board’s cover didn’t fit the new one, and after only a short while, the new ironing board was showing some serious signs of wear.  But when I found this “Olfa Mat” fabric at Hart’s last week, I finally had the impetus for change.  Seriously. Brilliant.  

Not perfect, but close enough!
The process was simple: remove old, stained cover, iron in half and use as a template.  To create the casing around the edge, I made some 1/2″ bias tape with my handy bias tape maker (and here you can see how bad the original cover really is!)
Love a fresh covering board and LOVE the practicality of this print!

6 thoughts on “Ironing board recover in Olfa Mat!”

  1. That print is fabulous for an ironing board cover!
    It would be so awesome if I could get something like that over here and recover my sleeve board with it. Which looks about as bad as your old cover.


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