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Knit slouchy beret

Somehow, knitting got bumped up on my projects list this winter.  I’m not sure what got me started, but over the past month and a half, I’ve made a hat for two of my sisters-in-law (both unphotographed!), a baby hat for my husband’s colleague, a hat for my brother (ungifted at this point, so no spoiler photos yet!), and two hats for myself.  I had to finish those projects before “letting” myself buy yarn to make a sweater (this sweater, from the book Home & Away).

This hat was made from the pattern “Strawberry Slouch Hat” in Classic Elite Fresco (wool, alapaca, and angora, color Parchment).  I love the simple eyelets throughout and slouchy beret look.  I reduced the length of the ribbed brim, but otherwise stuck to the pattern.  I didn’t count the number of hours, but the project didn’t take too long despite using sport yarn and small needles!

I made a little i-cord loop at the top, just for fun (it wasn’t included in the pattern).

I know I had promised two hats in my last post, but the second hat was just too darn big.  So, I unraveled the whole thing, had to wait a few days for wool wash to arrive in the mail, and today finally washed and hung the skein to remove the “ramen noodle effect” of having been knit and blocked as a hat.  I will absolutely reknit this one, but in the meantime, here’s its undoing:

Isn’t that yarn luscious?  It’s Dream in Color Classy with Cashmere in colorway Milky Spite.  Can’t wait to reknit it!

4 thoughts on “Knit slouchy beret”

  1. Sweet hat. I am coming to SF on Wednesday. Other than Britex, any good fabric store recommendations? I am thinking of trying to get to Berkeley to Stonemountain and Daughter. Is it worth the trip??


  2. Oh man, hit up the Fabric Outlet in the mission (the brick and mortar store of CaliFabrics). Britex is beautiful, but EXPENSIVE. And that from someone who generally doesn't mind dropping some cash on fabric. But the fabric outlet is where I get at least half my fabric from, especially nice quality, cheap basics. Stone Mountain and daughter is great too and you definitely find some special stuff in there. Have so much fun!


  3. Hi Betsey! I'm glad that others have given suggestions because I've only visited Britex and Stone Mountain & Daughter up that way. Stone Mountain is definitely worth the trip, especially the second floor of discounted fabric. I've gotten many lengths of silks at 50% off.

    If you had the ability, I also love Hart's Fabric in Santa Cruz. A serious hike from SF, but if you're here long enough, it's a great store, too.

    I hope you have a safe trip out here!


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