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Drape Drape 2: dress no. 2

Have you guys tried any of the books in the Drape Drape series?  Even though it’s a bit out of my standard sewing repertoire (to say the least!), I was seriously intrigued by the amazing, draped creations in these books.  Many are single pieces that are “origamied” (my word, made up 🙂 into a garment.  I picked up Drape Drape 2, and three patterns immediately caught my attention.  With enough fabric to make Dress no. 2, I started with that one.  The dress is a tank-top style dress with a dramatic asymmetrical side drape.

First PSA for this pattern review: if you are considering trying these patterns, check the sizing carefully.  Based on the measurements, I am a large!  I went with L/XL for this pattern, but I think S/M would be better for this particular garment.

The dress is made of a single pattern piece (shown above on my dining room floor).  Tracing the pattern from the pattern sheets was a pretty significant challenge, which brings me to my second PSA: use a highlighter to go over the lines before trying to trace it!  This pattern is in three sections, which are taped together to make the giant, single pattern piece.

Without exaggeration, pattern prep is the most time consuming part of the process.  Sewing is relatively quick, with only a few seams, neck and armhole binding and the hem.  For me, the fit was a little large, especially at the armholes, so I took the sides in a lot to keep from showing too much bra. This definitely changed the shape of the dress, so I’ll have to go back to the pattern and do proper adjustments!

The side drape is really lovely, and this is what it looks like stretched:

So the side drape isn’t technically a pocket, but it’s definitely a place to rest your hand 🙂  A corresponding pocket wouldn’t be difficult to put in on the other side!
The fabric is a rayon-lycra jersey knit from Mood and is a great weight and hand for this sort of drapey project.
I thought I would have a hard time wearing something asymmetrical, but it’s not so bad!  This dress is definitely interesting, comfortable and easy, so I think I’ll work on the fit a bit and maybe give it a try in drapey silk jersey for dress up.  It’s fun wearing a garment out of my standard wardrobe!
I’ve also sewn up blouse no. 4, and will share that soon!

2015 Resewlution, August garment #1

9 thoughts on “Drape Drape 2: dress no. 2”

  1. That's beautiful! I've flipped through a loaned copy but I'm a giant by Japanese pattern standards so never tried any.
    I love that fabric and it looks like a really easy dress to wear, but super stylish at the same time.
    (and perfect if you should want to steal half a kite from the toy store smuggled out under your dress!)


  2. These are my favourite series of books – so much impact for so little effort 😉 Nice choice of first garment, they're a tad addictive, so, welcome to the club 😉


  3. The top (no.4) actually seems on the roomier side–I was thinking I could make one for my 5'8″ sister, so I bet you could swing it!

    You totally blew my plan to swipe a half kite, by the way 🙂


  4. How funny! I have to say, now that I've made this dress and top no. 4, I definitely prefer the top. But luckily they are so quick to sew you don't have to choose! Have fun!


  5. You are correct on the assessment that they are addictive! So fun to sew and wear! I haven't purchased 1 or 3 yet–do you have a preference between those two?


  6. I think I prefer 1, mainly as I like the classic deep draped #1 top, the cape #2 and the dresses 3,4,5,10 & 11 😉 Drape drape 3 is gorgeous inspiration though as well with dresses 2,6 & 12 and skirt 10!
    I'm sure you've found Meggipeg and Sewbusylizzie's versions from both of them, they've been an excellent inspiration beyond the images in the books.


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