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Drape Drape 2: no. 4

After my first go with the Drape Drape patterns, I had to make another!  This top, garment no.4,  is another single-piece garment with asymmetrical sleeves and dramatic side drape.  Here’s the pattern piece on the floor:
I went with the sizing on the chart (L/XL), but should have cut the S/M.  After sewing the garment and taking these photos, I made adjustments to the hem, sleeve length and side seam that exactly mimic what the smaller size would have been.  
How incredible are the stripes as they move around the garment?  I aimed to have exactly horizontal stripes across the chest, and the rest fell according to the pattern.  The fabric is a bamboo lycra from my local fabric shop.
I raised the neckline by about 2″ and it is still a little lower than I’d like, but perfectly wearable.
Here’s the extended image (above)–the sleeves are significantly different in construction, so they do feel a little weird while wearing it.  But overall, the top couldn’t be much comfier!  
Again, I’m seriously impressed with these patterns.  The product feels really fashion-forward and dramatic, without a huge amount of effort.  And with some high-end silk knits, the look could be even more amazing!  
No pattern matching here!  
The petal skirt is next on the docket!
2015 Resewlution, August garment #2

17 thoughts on “Drape Drape 2: no. 4”

  1. Perfect!!! You nailed it with the “fashion-forward and dramatic, without a huge amount of effort.” – yes! it looks amazing. (I might have just made my 6th)


  2. Oh you are right! The silk jerseys I was looking at are only 2 way stretch. Eep, that would have been a disaster! I may have to try it anyhow, and just make accommodations 🙂


  3. Understandably! Silk jersey isn't easily found over here, so not yet. Fabric Tragic pointed out the most important bit, 2way/4way stretch is easiest – I found I had to slash the waist after adding 2 inches to my blue version & I've given it away. It really looks best in the light weight 4 way stretch; even after adding extra so that a single direction stretch fits, they still don't hang quite as nicely.


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