Work in progress–Buddy project #2

Despite the heaps of apparel fabric and stack of quilting yardage I have on my to-do list (not to mention pants to hem, tops to alter, etc., etc.), I have not forgotten about the second Sewing Buddy Project.  After our fab showing at the last Buddy Project, I definitely don’t want to let my buddy down!

The new challenge is “to create two projects that coordinate or reference one another through the use of color”.   We chose yellow, turquoise and hints of gray as our color palette, with diverging projects: Jenny is working on sewing room accessories, and I need to replace some of my worn-out kitchen accessories.  Without getting into too much more detail (I’ll wait to the big reveal for that), here’s what I’ve been working on–oven mitt and hot pad.

I ought to make one more of each of those, but I’m going to tackle a princess-seamed apron first.

In other WIP news, I’m an unfortunate amount of hand-stitching away from finishing one of the dresses from Britex fabric, but it’s turning out just as I had hoped, so stay tuned for photos of that!

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