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Minna blouse

This is the first Salme pattern I’ve tried–the Minna blouse.  I had purchased the fabric on sale (Cocoon Voile, Shine in aqua, by Valori Wells) and really wanted to sew *right* then, so I went looking for a printable pdf blouse pattern.  Minna fit the bill.  It’s also really simple, with some interesting details at the same time.  What great attributes!
I made this blouse several weeks ago, so I can’t recall some of the specifics (like, what size I cut!), but I generally followed the pattern as written.  I had some major trouble getting the self-fabric bias tape to lay flat in the front without stitching it down, so I seriously cheated and used iron-on hem tape.  Hey, it worked great!  
The elasticized waist makes it comfy and adds some shape, and there’s a cute little button at the back.
The dart at the top of the sleeve makes it look more squared-off than I would like (my shoulders are wide enough!) and the sleeve installation was a little odd, but overall, I liked the pattern quite a bit.  I’ll definitely be trying more Salme patterns!  

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