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Plaid wool voile top

For years, every time I went to my local fabric shop, I looked longingly at this vintage red plaid wool voile fabric (I think I’m the only person that buys anything in that part of the store, so stuff lasts a while!). Last week, I finally just bought it!  I’m not sure what drew me to this fabric–red is not a color I wear very often, but something grabbed me, so I finished the bolt with a bit less than 2 yards.

Of course, I had to find a pattern to go along with it, so I settled on McCalls M7284 (view A), which is a high-low, unfitted blousey top. The yoke in the front was a total pain to sew, and mine isn’t done particularly well, but I’m just letting it go.

 I had to spend some time pattern matching the plaid, but it wasn’t that bad.

All but the armscye seams are Frenched–I was feeling grumpy about the top at the moment I inserted the sleeves, so I didn’t feel like messing with French seams there so they are simply overlocked. Does anyone else go through that stage in a sewing project where the novelty has worn off and it’s maybe not fitting or looking just right, and you just start rushing through the rest?  Or is that just me?  🙂  At least I finished it, and didn’t just throw it in the bin!
So this top isn’t the most flattering, though it looks better in the photos than I was seeing in the mirror. It’s comfy and goes well with jeans, so that’s all that matters, right? The slightly sheer fabric makes it feel a bit more modern and interesting.  Overall, it gets a B+, I think.
Glad I finally just bought that lovely fabric and got it out of my system.  On to the next project!

15 thoughts on “Plaid wool voile top”

  1. stunning fabric, has a beautiful fall to it. I have made a few smock type tops (notably a pleated miyake one) and I always feel v bohemian wearing it, but equally, I never to seem to wear them as much as other things


  2. Oh my goodness, I totally love it! I think that color and style suits you so well.
    Ps: I'm at the rushing stage at the moment with a dress that's been taking too long to finish due to lack of time to sew…. in my head, I'm 3 projects ahead…


  3. Well I think it looks pretty good, and you certainly pull it off. I know exactly what you mean about those darn patterns that look so good on the packets, so simple to make and turn out to be both a pain and not quite what you thought(and a few have gone in the bin). You're certainly not on your own there!


  4. Oh, I'm always thinking of the next project! I've gotten better about finishing projects (I don't remember the last time I just tossed something), but sometimes it take a lot of will to get myself to that last stitch! Good luck with your dress!


  5. It's always nice to hear that I'm not alone in my sewing struggles! I have to say, after I finished sewing the garment, I just threw the pattern away–I knew I would never use it again!


  6. I wore it the other day, and it was surprisingly nice to wear! What I didn't like was that the sleeves are difficult under sweaters or jackets, but it will warm up soon and it will be good for early spring in CA!


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