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Last vestige of summer dress–Vogue 8663

At the suggestion of several readers (thank you for rescuing me from indecision!) for uses for this striped canary ponte knit from Mood , I went with the Vogue.  Here’s a refresher of the pattern (Vogue 8663) envelope, now out of stock:

What is most distinctive (and worth sewing, in my opinion) is the pleated neckline.  Finished, the neckline is interesting and flattering without being showy.  Love it.

I had significant fit issues that involved taking the entire dress apart, trimming, trimming, trimming and putting it back together.  The width of the shoulders and waist were the biggest issues, and they still aren’t perfect.  See that wavy waistband?  Ugh.  As much as I love the neckline, I can’t stand the waistband.  It needs to be slightly tighter to pull the clear elastic a tiny bit, but I think I’m done taking it all apart!
Between the wavy waistband and slight bagginess at the lower back, the dress needs some kind of belt or sash. Apparently, the pattern envelope has a “purchased belt” for a reason.  Some options:
White sash, stolen from another top.
Skinny hot pink belt
Self sash?  
I kind of like the self-fabric sash, since it can be sewn down and not shift (always practical!), but the pink belt looks kind of fun, too.  Self sash + pink belt? 🙂

Looking at it finished, and seeing the calendar whizzing toward September, I know this was a bit of a silly make.  I figure, I have about two wearings before Labor Day, and then I’ll tuck it away until Spring.  But I’ll wear the heck out of it next year!

Resewlution 2014: August garment #1

13 thoughts on “Last vestige of summer dress–Vogue 8663”

  1. self sash looks the best imo. the pink on top of self sash isn't too awkward…i dunno…kinda cute actually. self sashing it makes it resemble (a little bit) the skippy dress by toni of make it perfect.


  2. I think you can make this work into autumn – layers, boots – it'll be gorgeous. I vote pink belt but make some snug thread belt loops to keep it in the right spot – I made some using zigzag and thread with an old colette tutorial on a knit dress and they worked a treat.


  3. Hey, this dress turned out really cute. I think the soft yellow and white stripe really suits the pattern. And, although I like the pink belt, I actually really like the dress plain. I think that your attention is being drawn to the waistband because you 'know' that it's not quite perfect, but the rest of the world is unlikely to see anything other than a darling dress. And I totally agree with Fabric Tragic…give this dress a go into fall. With maybe a lightweight jean jacket, a soft blue and yellow scarf, tights, and Mary Jane flats…..so pretty!


  4. I'm so impressed by your perseverance. It's turned out great but I agree it needs something. The self sash is so perfect. I glanced at the second picture before reading the words and couldn't work out why it suddenly looked a bit wrong.


  5. Oh, great suggestions! If I ever finish my knitting project (however unlikely), I could throw on the scarf, too, with the belt–they'd go well together!


  6. I know, you are so right, Sue–no one else would notice. But I might not wear the dress if I felt like it was obviously handmade, so I ended up sewing the self sash to the dress. I think it's a similar effect to leaving it plain, but hides a bunch of sins 🙂

    I will make it work for Fall, too! I need work clothes, so this can carry me for a little while longer!


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