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Return from Alaska and sewing indecision

My family and I just returned from a nearly two week vacation to Homer, Alaska to visit my husband’s parents.  It was lovely and peaceful, and we did a million things a person can’t do in Silicon Valley: digging for clams, picking rhubarb, wild raspberries and blueberries (I made jam!), fishing for halibut, salmon, dolly varden, rockfish, pollock etc., seeing the sun set at 11 p.m., playing in the rain… 🙂  It was refreshing to have a completely different life for a few weeks!  

Since I couldn’t bring my sewing machine (though I just may next time!), I purchased some local handmade yarn.  I’m not much of a knitter, it’s like a craft-of-last-resort for me, but I saw this color (named “Fireweed” after a local wild flower–a photo of the real deal is at the top of the post) and my fingers started itching to make something.  Well, after about 20 rounds on the circular needle in a basic lace pattern for an infinity scarf, I had “lost” 4 out of 260 stitches.  Now that I’m back in the land of sewing machines, it might be hard to persuade myself to figure out how to remedy that situation!

Canary ponte knit from Mood Fabric

Which brings me to my next problem: while I was away, I ordered bunches of fabric, which was all sitting on my doorstep when we got home.  I feel most inclined to sew something with this lovely, but summery, striped ponte knit (image above).  But what to make??  Some options:

Lady Skater
Vogue V8663 (out of print)
Another Myrtle?
Another Renfrew modified with a boat neck?
Dresses are always my initial inclination, but with Fall approaching, a top might be more versatile right?   I may modify the Renfrew to have a boat neck–seems to go well with the stripey print and will be well-worn, I’m sure.  With an upcoming bathroom remodel, I’ve had to make a so many decisions lately–I just need someone to tell me what to sew!  

Once I’m done with this fabric, it’s the transition to a Fall work wardrobe–wools and darker prints, skirts, trousers and blouses.

15 thoughts on “Return from Alaska and sewing indecision”

  1. I suspect that you'll wake up one morning knowing exactly what to sew, but in the meantime I'm happy to throw my suggestion into the ring…I like the Vogue dress. I quite love the idea of the pleated neckline with the stripes. Having said that…it's a risk and I would do a little draping before committing with scissors! Home sounds like the perfect respite from a busy Northern California life! Happy to hear you enjoyed it!


  2. that sounds like a great trip. Ok knitting – just can't do it and not gonna learn at this stage in the game. Sewing all the way !
    as for which pattern, the Vogue for sure. I made that for someone else and it was cute with a bit of style to elevate it from a simple dress.


  3. I think the striped fabric would look nice with New Look pattern # 6216 (top C). I've already made 2 t-shirts, and then a nightgown out of this pattern, and I'm wearing these t-shirts over and over again. : )


  4. My husband grew up there, so this is the 11-12 time I've been to Homer–feels like a second home now! I finally broke down and bought some Xtratufs, which I wore with dresses of course!


  5. I think I'm leaning toward the Vogue…I may make the dress version and just hack it off if it doesn't work (the fabric is really heavy, so it might pull down and distort the bodice). Thanks for the suggestion!


  6. Knitting takes WAY too long, and then you're hours and hours into the project when you find out the sweater is two short (clearly, knowledge gained from experience!).


  7. The trip was incredible–a much needed break from the hustle and bustle, but I missed using that free time for sewing! Thank you for the suggestion, and even though I went with the dress, I have another knit fabric that is (almost definitely) going to be a top!


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