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SBCC Manhattan Trouser: pattern review

It’s Sewing Indie Month!  I’ll be participating more officially later this month, but in preparation, I wanted to do a full-run through with one of the patterns, the Manhattan Trouser by Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick.  The pattern is suggested to be sewn in a stretch woven, and I had this drop-dead gorgeous Nanette Lepore fabric from Mood (no longer available–wah!), and well, one thing led to another and now I have some pretty crazy pants.  Crazy awesome, I say!  And crazy comfortable and well fitted, too!

I have to say, I’m always very skeptical of pants patterns, so I made a true muslin before cutting into my Nanette Lepore, in a straight size 4.  The fit was pretty good to start, though a bit shorter rise overall than I prefer, so I added about 1/2″ in both the front and back rise.  I can’t lie, even after the muslin and fit adjustments, up until the point at which I sewed on the waistband, I was pretty worried. But with the waistband in place, they fit beautifully!  Bravo, SBCC!

The original pattern has the front slash pockets, but I added welt pockets in the back for good measure. I’ll be posting a full tutorial and pattern for these welt pockets later in the month.
Matching up the pattern didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped for the welts, but I learned a lot!
I always have trouble sorting through fly zipper instructions, and this was no exception, but I managed to figure it out and it looks pretty darn good, if I do say so myself!
My husband was a little taken aback when he finally saw the pants I had been talking about, “That’s the fabric?  You’re going to wear those?” but I proceeded to point out that Boden has a slim-legged “bistro crop pant” in an even crazier print (check out the pink geometric print!). Isn’t loud and obnoxious print the new black? No? Well, regardless, I need to find (or make!) more tops to go with these lovelies!
Resewlution 2014: May garment #1 

35 thoughts on “SBCC Manhattan Trouser: pattern review”

  1. Wow, those pants are awesome! I admire your attention to detail and execution. I share your enthusiasm for wild prints. I say this as i wear my long shorts made with fabric i nicknamed “safari through Africa”, in which the most care was taken to make sure i didn't end up with a bird nest print in my derriere… Ok maybe I took it too far….
    Love your blog


  2. I love this print! What a super cool pant! Also I'm so psyched to see this pattern reviewed; as a super shorty, I've had my eye on it…


  3. FABULOUS! I adore this print. It's the perfect fabric for pants!!! And what is it with fitting pants?! You just nevah know for sure until the waistband is on, and by then any adjustments needed are such an effort to do! These fit you like a dream, so hang onto that pattern! Can't wait for the welt tutorial…welt pockets just make pants look so professionally made!

    So, again, me here living under a rock. I've been hearing bits about Indie sewing month. Gosh, there is so much going on and I'm pretty new to all this sewing along. Where do I go to get caught up, although, I don't really have more than a couple of Indie patterns, hmmmm…


  4. Your pants turned out awesome! They are a perfect base for a print. I made myself a pair in a brocade-esque printed cotton. My boyfriend asked me if I was going to wear them out- yes! Just doesn't get it…thanks for the glowing review 🙂


  5. I actually haven't worn them yet–I may debut them at a party this weekend though. I'll have to work on my strut, to at least make it look like I'm confident!


  6. I'm pretty impressed with these pants (nearly done with a second pair!), and I'm going to try a blouse soon. I love that SBCC patterns are made for petites!


  7. It is important to consider the placement of crazy motifs when you opt for the wild prints! I specifically have the print of these pants going in a particular direction to avoid looking like I was covered in fish scales!


  8. You are welcome! There are a few small typos in the directions, but I emailed Betsy at SBCC, and she's taking care of them. Other than that, it's a great pattern!


  9. Oooh…brocade! What a great idea! I love that the pants only use a scant 1.5 yards–you can splurge a little more on the fabric! Thanks for the great pattern!


  10. Welts are a go-to for me–I always need a little something to break up the wide expanse in the back 🙂 I'm a little nervous to wear them out; I'll have to work on my look of confidence before venturing out the door!


  11. The pattern does go through size 16, but as with all pattern companies, the measurements are a bit different, so I would check to see which size your measurements correspond to. Good luck!


  12. The patterns are predominantly for petites, but there are locations on the pattern where you can lengthen for “normal-sized” people! For these pants, I didn't notice a rise-lengthening location, so I just cut above the crotch-curve (whatever that is really called!).


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