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Comox Trunks, pattern review

Huge fan of Thread Theory that I am (their recent and incredible pea coat pattern here), I was super excited that they’ve designed and provided us lady sewists with a quick, useful, and (dare I say) sexy item of clothing to make for our men: the Comox Trunks.  Thank you!   And they’ve made it uber easy by offering a kit, complete with lovely bamboo fabric, elastic waistband, and cute little tag label.  Love their beautiful packaging!
The pattern is a tad confusing with all the overlapping and non-mirrored pieces (guess I haven’t thoroughly studied how boxer briefs are constructed…), but multiple readings of the directions and laying out the pieces clarified it.  I also had a bit of a problem sewing the bias along the front opening, but after trying everything (double needle, coverstitch machine, regular zigzag, multi-stitch zigzag), I pulled out the one tool I should have started with: my walking foot.  Gets the job done, yet again.
I sewed the waistband on slightly differently than in the directions, to make it easier to line up and create a cleaner finish on the inside.  I placed the elastic inside the shorts, wrong side to wrong side, matching up the edges.  I used a small zigzag to sew them together, trimmed overhanging fabric, and then flipped the waistband up.  I probably should have secured the edge with another round of stitching from the right side, but it stays in place just fine.

I may have ordered the Comox Trunk kit the day Thread Theory announced their release of the pattern, sewed them up probably the day after they arrived and yet it has taken me until mere days before the drawing deadline to photo them.  Mostly, I was trying to convince my husband (my very attractive, cyclist husband, I might add 🙂 to model them. So finally, here’s my Comox Trunks avec hot model!

And the back view:
The trunks are awesome and I’m looking forward to trying them out in some performance knit fabrics! A huge thank you to my incredible husband for agreeing to be my underwear model 🙂

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  1. A performance knit is usually a synthetic (like poly) made to be moisture wicking. It's often used in athletic wear. I think Spoonflower is printing on performance knit now!


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