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Alma blouse (and sash loop tip!)

My first Alma blouse! Obviously, I’m already huge fan of Sewaholic Patterns, but this blouse truly sealed the deal for me.  With only a slight modification (my standard petite adjustment at the waistline), I cut a straight size 2 and the fit is perfect!

The fabric is a cotton shirting in black and orange stripes (!), but it was free during a visit to FabMo a few months ago.  With only a yard or so to work with, I ended up making the sash from white muslin. I like the contrast, actually!
I love the v-neck detail and little cap sleeves, but I’m also thinking about a silky version with the long sleeves and scoop-neck.  
So here’s my big tip of the day–see those little loops holding on the sash belt?  It would have taken a trip to YouTube to remember how to crochet to make a length of “cord” for that, so instead I used my serger! 
Keeping the presser foot down, run the serger, pulling the strands, to create a long length of threads. Using a needle threader, thread a large-eyed needle and sew as normal to create a loop. Seriously, the easiest sash loops ever!
Now go out and make your own Alma Blouse!

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