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Renfrew cowlneck in silky wool knit

With “winter” drawing to a close in Northern California, time is running short for sewing up the rest of the wool fabric I bought a few months ago.  At this point, I’m not sure I can pull off another pair of wool pants or a dress, and still get reasonable use out of them before they get moved into off-season storage.  But this fabric is lightweight enough to wear for a while, so it moved up to the top of the pile.
I’m not completely enamored with the print, but the fabric caught my eye immediately in a sale rack of vintage knits.  I was drawn to the sheen, and then was absolutely shocked that it wasn’t silk.  Nope, wool.  Wool!  The most silky, lightweight, soft, flowy wool knit ever.  
I’ve made Sewaholic’s Renfrew cowlneck before, but this fabric is better suited for the style of this top. I cut size 2 and I love the fit of this top: fitted, but not tight.  I need to try the other neckline versions!
After a few solid years of using my serger, I still don’t love using the cutting blade while sewing. So since the Renfrew is designed with 5/8″ seam allowance, I decided to trim 3/8″ around all the pattern piece edges (except the cuffs and hems) so I could serge the seams without having to using the blade. Maybe sizing down to the 0 would achieve the same effect?
It’s been a busy month, but this is my “February” garment (and I have another one to show you soon!).  

6 thoughts on “Renfrew cowlneck in silky wool knit”

  1. I am *super* excited to see this top! I just signed up for a sewing class where I'll be learning how to make this! It looks absolutely beautiful!!


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