handmade wardrobe, knit, pants, scoop-neck tee, sewing, shirt

Packing for summer vacation

Skirt, check.  Shorts, check.  Dresses, check.  Swimsuit(s), check.  Tops, check (and then some!).   One thing missing from the suitcase: capris pants.  Done and done, with a new tee thrown in for fun!  We're heading across country to visit family, which has been the driving force behind some of my sewing frenzy.  (That, and knowing… Continue reading Packing for summer vacation

handmade wardrobe, knit, scoop-neck tee, sewing, shirt

One yard, two tops

The day I made my Plain Jane Shorts, I also whipped up a fun variation on Kristin's now-infamous Scoop-neck Tee.  I had a tiny bit of some super soft, taupe-colored bamboo knit fabric (bought locally here), some lovely peach narrow-striped bamboo knit from Michael Levine, and an idea to make a color-block version.For the pattern, I… Continue reading One yard, two tops