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Two fit + flare dresses

Again, I couldn't help but make two of the same pattern!  This time the pattern is the Bronx dress from SBCC, with some fit alterations (armhole redo, back width increase, sleeve redraft).  As I'm sure I've mentioned on this blog before, I just love the fit and flare shape.  What I especially love about this dress,… Continue reading Two fit + flare dresses

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Textured check Bronx dress

I have a thing, apparently.  If I like a pattern, I make it at least twice, in quick succession.  There are many examples, but this is the most recent instance; the Bronx cowl dress (see first version, here). Clearly, I love this pattern.  More specifically, I love this silhouette and look for me.  A fit… Continue reading Textured check Bronx dress

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Sewing Indie Month: My SBCC/Britex outfit

Despite popular belief, it really isn't that bad being short.  At 5'1", I've got step stools all around the house and I can manage just fine, thank you very much.  My biggest beef with being petite is that non-petite clothing just doesn't fit.  It's one of the main reasons I sew my own clothing: with… Continue reading Sewing Indie Month: My SBCC/Britex outfit

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Put a welt pocket on it! (Tutorial and free pattern)

I just don't like the look of pants without pockets on the back.  Even one pocket is good enough for me, just something to break up the wide expanse of fabric covering my bottom.  But even when pants or shorts patterns don't have this feature provided, you can still add one!  There are tons of… Continue reading Put a welt pocket on it! (Tutorial and free pattern)