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Liberty blouse knock-off

I’ve been hoarding this piece of Liberty lawn for ages.  Since I didn’t have a set plan when I purchased it, the ideas of what I could sew with it have run the gamut: pajama bottoms, dirndl skirt, button down shirt…  However, browsing through the J. Crew website the other day, I found a blouse in the exact fabric, with a really cute and summery design.  Done!  Here’s the inspiration piece:
Analyzing the garment, I figured the blouse was a simple pull-over with no closures.  My recently drafted shift dress had the right general shape, so I shortened that to hip-level and removed the back zip.  There are ruffles at the neck and top armholes, and looked to be just gathered rectangles with baby hems.  Easy enough!
I faced the neckline and front slit because I didn’t want the ruffles to weigh down the super light fabric, but I used matching bias to finish the armholes.
The shape is slightly fitted with French fish eye darts, but plenty roomy to be comfortable and cool.
Even though I’m typically not a “ruffle person”, I’m pretty psyched about how this knock-off blouse turned out!  
I wore it for my birthday to the Berkeley Botanical Garden and Chez Panisse and loved it!  I have to say, I dread washing it for fear of what I’ll have to do to get the ruffles looking lovely again, but I’ve got one more wearing before I have to cross that bridge 🙂  

22 thoughts on “Liberty blouse knock-off”

  1. I love your Liberty lawn! I just started sewing with this cotton just this year and I'm amazed at how lovely it is – as nice as silk any day 🙂 Love your blouse – the perfect summer top!


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