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Another Lola (this one is even better!)

Yes, the day after I made the first Lola, I went ahead and made a second.  I had some “spare” fabric lying around and couldn’t resist!

The first version was a bit big at the waistline and middle back, so I altered the pattern to take in all of the princess seams above and below the waistline by about 1/4″, tapering out to the original line about 3″ below the waistline.  I also lowered the armscye by about 1/2″.  The new fit feels and looks better, and I can still wiggle into it without any closures!  Oh, I also shortened the length of the dress by about 1″, and then increased the width of the ribbing just for fun.

So this fabric!  It’s quilted knit, (my color is no longer available, but this is the same fabric) with a bit of batting in between the two layers.  It’s amazingly soft and warm, and really, it just feels like I’m wearing a comfy sleeping bag.  Admittedly, it kind of looks like I’m wearing a sleeping bag, but I’m kind of okay with that!

I am constantly cold, and it’s just so cozy!  I could seriously live and sleep in this garment.

The quilting is so lovely!

The topstitching for each seam is really apparent on this fabric, and I think it adds a really beautiful detail.

This new version took a total of 1.5 hours to sew, so it’s a quick and easy way to make an outfit, but I think a third version of this same style might be a little over-kill.  That being said, I’m not promising a version 3.0 won’t happen 🙂

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