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Dress for a holiday par-tay!

We’ve been going to the Google Holiday party for over a decade–this year was actually our 12th!  We had just moved out to California from New York for the job a month prior to the first party and I was so desperate to go that I willingly handed off my 3 month old baby to a friend-of-a-friend in San Francisco.  At the time, I wore whatever I had brought with me (a strapless black cotton dress from the Gap, which thankfully fit!), but each year since, the annual holiday party has been a really good excuse to buy a fabulous new frock.

Well, I just wasn’t feeling it this year.  The dress I planned to wear wasn’t fitting just right, so I pulled out this lace fabric and spent the day before the party sewing!
I used this pattern (the same one as this dress), but with some modifications.  First up, I added fish-eye darts to the back.  The fit still isn’t great, but it was significantly frumpier without them.  I also added piping around the neckline, mostly because I was so impressed that the package of piping I had in my stash was an exact perfect match.
The dress is really just a shell–no lining at all.  I’m wearing a nude slip underneath, which worked fabulously.  
I used the lace edge for the hem and sleeves, doing my best to match scallops with a reasonable amount of success.
So, it wasn’t the most spectacular dress at the party, but I was comfortable (bonus, considering all the tasty food) and happy knowing I had made it.  I was bummed I didn’t have the opportunity to brag to anyone that I had sewn it, but I guess I’m doing that now, eh?  🙂  
 I paired it with these amazing shoes, which I think modernized the whole [otherwise rather matronly] look a bit.
 Anyone else sew their holiday dress this year?

15 thoughts on “Dress for a holiday par-tay!”

  1. such a pretty colour -slip works beautifully – and nothing beats being comfortable in your clothes at a party (ie not having to breath in all the time) – I am making a pattern I always wanted to make in a navy wool gaberdine and half way through, and have decided its so boring – but eitherway, it will be the dress on the day – just hoping I find a big broach to lift it up……


  2. I've been considering making a lace dress for some years now…and was actually planning that same pattern (I have the magazine issue and the similar Simplicity Jiffy version too). So it's fabulous to see it made up! Your version looks very modern actually. that color makes it stand out. I think many people at your party assumed you bought it…people don't realize you can make such perfect dresses at home! BTW, I had to take that pattern in a lot when I made it.


  3. Thank you so much and best of luck with your version! The pattern does need a bit of fitting, but it's a good simple silhouette to highlight some special lace!


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