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Ms. Frizzle dress!

So with most of my school work and teaching wrapping up for the semester,  I’m slowly working through documenting my backlog of projects.  First up; my Halloween costume!  Admittedly, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, so I haven’t been too excited about making costumes for myself or the kids.  Until this year 🙂

In case you’re new to my blog, my [very part-time] day job is as a Biology instructor at a local community college.  I’ve been teaching for over 9 years and each Fall, I worriedly scan through my schedule to see if I have to teach on Halloween.  Somehow, I’ve managed to avoid it all years except this one.  However, I had this curly red wig and I just couldn’t resist….it was time to break out Ms. Frizzle!  For those unfamiliar with this children’s book character, Ms. Frizzle is an elementary school teacher who drives a shape-shifting school bus to take extraordinary field trips.  Most importantly (to me, anyway), her dress print changes for each topic.  As it happened, I was teaching the skeletal system (for real, guys) and I busted this beauty out the day before class.

The pattern is self-drafted from a personal block and the fabric was purchased at Hart’s (out of stock).  The best part is that the bones are labeled, and appear to be accurate!  I actually used my dress to point out the name of the bones of the wrist for a student in lab 🙂

I carefully positioned the vertebral column in the correct location (and the arm bones too, but I didn’t photo that).

Second best part of the fabric is that it glows in the dark! This is the best shot I could get, but you get the picture.

I had to wear this (along with my wig) for the entire class, then go directly to Fashion class where I had to give a presentation.  Eek!  I couldn’t stand wearing that wig again for my “studio” photos, so here’s a selfie of me from Halloween, taken in my lab with our class mascot:

I might have to make this a new tradition… 🙂

14 thoughts on “Ms. Frizzle dress!”

  1. Just found your blog! That dress is the most fabulous. Who doesn't want to wear a glow in the dark dress and tap into their inner Miss Frizzle. My students would love this!


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