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Visit to Spoonflower!

Brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and myself at the Spoonflower headquarters!
A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to travel to North Carolina.  My husband was competing in the Masters National Championship cycling race, and we were taking an extra-long weekend to spend time with his sister and brother-in-law who live in the area.  After hearing all semester long from my Fabrics Analysis instructor about all the fabric weaving and printing facilities in the Raleigh-Durham area, I contacted Spoonflower for a tour.  (I also contacted Cone Denim, and they completely ignored my request.  Bummer.)
Fabric samples stretched on hoops.
Spoonflower was amazingly gracious!  Our lovely tour guide explained their digital printing and transfer printing processes, as well as showing us how their custom prints are cut and prepared for shipment.  It was a surprisingly small facility for all the work they do!  
I wasn’t allowed to take photos of the actual printers (to protect the fabric designer’s work), so I have few images to show for our time there. What I lack in photos, I can make up for with technology: looks like Google Street View has toured the facility, too!  As you can imagine, the place was decked out in custom printed upholstery, wall coverings, and accessories!  Check out the virtual tour:

If you have the chance to get out to Raleigh-Durham, definitely schedule a tour of Spoonflower!

7 thoughts on “Visit to Spoonflower!”

  1. I recently moved to Durham, and realized that I live less than a mile from Spoonflower. As a fellow sewist this was an amazing discovery, and I really enjoyed the tour too. I wonder if we had the same guide! I thought it was funny that you thought it was small, as it was way larger than I had envisioned.


  2. Our sewing guild went there recently and had a great time and a fun guide. We also contacted Cone Denim and never got a response either. . .


  3. Thank you so much! He didn't do as well as he had hoped, but the course was a little flat for a serious climber! Spoonflower was definitely a great stop along out trip!


  4. I was just impressed that they did all the printing, cutting, sorting, and shipping, all in the same small building! But I guess I envision a HUGE building for any textile production work!

    I didn't mention it here, but we all ADORED the Museum of Life & Science. What an amazing place! How lucky you are to live so close!


  5. I figure, Cone probably doesn't respond unless you are buying in bulk! My Fabric Analysis instructor somehow got a tour there, though, so perhaps it can be done!


  6. I'm glad you had a great time at Spoonflower. It was started by a friend of a friend of mine and I've watched it grow from a distance. It's so great when a local enterprise makes good. Speaking of Cone. My daughter lives in Greensboro where Cone Denim is and it has the worst reputation for working there. She said the hiring process is like Anthropologie where looks count most. I'm probably totally slandering them but they don't have a great reputation for being, well, as gracious as our Southern reputations allow!!!! Good denim, though.


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