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Quilted Linden sweatshirt

I wasn’t particularly excited about Grainline‘s Linden Sweatshirt pattern when it was released.  It’s cool, but I don’t wear too many sweatshirts, and I wasn’t sure I could make it look as hip as Jen does! That all changed on my last trip over the mountain to Hart’s Fabric.  I spotted this a-mazing white quilted fabric and I hightailed it over to the pattern section to nab the Linden.  It was a match made in heaven, and was the easiest decision I made that day at Harts!

I love raglan sleeves and they seem to make garments come together super fast.  I made the process a tad longer by adding some not-entirely decorative stitching along the raglan seams.  Since the fabric is thick and synthetic, I knew ironing would be a relatively useless.  So, instead of serging those seams, I “lightening bolt” stitched them on my regular machine, opened them, and then used my coverstitch machine (with wide-set needles) to finish.  The continuous sleeve-side seam was serged.
The neckline is regular old black poly/cotton ribbing (I bought the tail end of the bolt at the store).  Worked great!  I opted against the ribbing at wrist and waist, and instead went with coverstitching there and at the neckline.   How fun is that fabric?  
For the sizing, I went with 0, grading out to 2 at the hips. Surprisingly, I didn’t shorten the top at all, so if you are taller than me (otherwise known as “normal”), you might want to add some length.
This is a super fun, quick pattern.  I’ve seen versions in normal jersey fabric, but I’m kind of interested in trying out some sweater knits…it’s a pretty versatile garment.  I may even size it down a tad to make a normal tee.
If it weren’t for the unseasonably warm mid-90s temps we’re having in northern California, I’d be wearing this like crazy!  “Winter” will come soon enough, though, and this will be ideal as an outer garment.  
2015 Resewlution, September garment #1

8 thoughts on “Quilted Linden sweatshirt”

  1. I may have to hunt down that fabric! Did you happen to note who made it? It would look so cute with gold trim!
    Love the sweater too! I know you are looking forward to our semi-winter weather.


  2. Oooh, great minds think alike. I've got quilted clothing front and center on my brain right now. Even picked up some inexpensive poly batting yesterday to play around with on a trial basis. {The cotton batting is muy expensive!} Of course, I hadn't even thought of the sewing technique required, LOL. Thanks so much for this post with awesomely helpful tips, as usual!

    Your top looks curl up cozy, yet so chic at the same time! Well done!


  3. It looks great! Serendipitously, I actually nearly bought some black quilted fabric last weekend to make a Linden for myself. I ultimately decided against it though—I was looking online and wasn't sure how much I'd like the fabric in person. Plus, I'm trying to be stricter with myself about developing a sewing/knitting plan ahead of time and sticking to it instead of following every whim that occurs to me. I'm really second-guessing myself now though… I love yours!


  4. Thank you, Sue! I wouldn't even attempt to quilt fabric myself–this came pre-quilted! But I can image you could make some pretty awesome custom quilted patterns! Can't wait to see!


  5. Thanks, Stephanie (and great hearing from you!). I went into Harts with a plan (basic solids for pants and skirts) and left with 3 fabrics to make tops (and no fabric for bottoms). My best laid plans never work out when faced with gorgeous fabrics!


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