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Sick-day PJs

Between the end of the school year for me and the kids, vacation on the East coast, and a general lack of interest in spending time in the hottest room in our house (my sewing room), I haven’t been very productive, sewing-wise.  So, for my first day without kids (camp/ daycare) in a while, I was bummed when I came down with my a cold.  No one likes to be sick, however if I had to pick a day to fall ill, it would have been this day! With no work or children to tend to, I stayed in bed and read an entire book (The Martian, though not a typical choice for me :).  But I finished it around 2 p.m., and had a few more hours before kid pick-up.  Clearly, I needed to make a new pair of pajamas, in which I could convalesce for the remainder of my day!
Let’s start with the fabric, since it’s Liberty.  The print is “Sabrina“.  (Okay, I just had to scroll through 8 pages of Tana Lawn prints to find this particular style, and sheesh, Liberty prints are gorgeous.)  The only thing more decadent than laying in bed and reading all day is a pair of Liberty cotton pajama bottoms.  Too bad I didn’t have them on WHILE reading in bed all day!    
The pattern is a revision of something I drafted up a while ago.  With pockets, of course.  The pattern could use some more tweaking, but these certainly turned out wearable!

To do justice to this lovely, fine fabric, I used French seams all around, using this tutorial from Deborah Moebes for creating French seams with on-seam pockets.

French seam, with bottom corner of the pocket (hard to see!)

That’s about it.  Not a difficult or exciting project by any means, but a good reentry into my sewing room.

I felt well enough today to knock something else off my summer sewing list….the excitement builds!

2015 Resewlution, July garment #1

6 thoughts on “Sick-day PJs”

  1. Thank you soooo much for posting this just now! I am about to add pockets to the skirt of my rayon dress (needs french seams), and was not happy with the only other tutorial I found in the interwebs. I've gotten the first pass completed; so far, so good! PS, I ironed a bit of very lightweight interfacing to those 'clip carefully here' spots; those three little words are my beacons of warning!


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