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Go get some fabric for 30% off!

Okay, I know this notice is coming mere hours before the end of the day, but I’ve been at a wedding New Orleans for a long weekend, so hopefully we can all understand the reason for the delay 🙂 Anyhow, Britex is having a 30% off sale on EVERYTHING on the website (and in person, if you can manage to get to the city) until midnight tonight (PST).  

Here’s what I bought (all for Pattern making class projects for the rest of the semester):

Leather buttons and silk lining for my upcoming jacket.

Lovely stretch wool for trousers.

Wool for a full suit.

Guys, by the end of December, I’ll have drafted a skirt (done, here), lined jacket, trousers, and bathing suit.  And the final project is a full suit.  A suit!  I can’t wait until I acquire the skills necessary for that!

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