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Me-Made-May Round-up #3

Oops, my weekly roundup is a few days late!  I’m sure you were all anxiously waiting 🙂  I’ve managed to maintain my streak of at least one handmade garment each day with only one (the first!) repeat garment. Not bad!  And now for the week’s outfits:

May 18, Sunday: 30-mile bike ride event in Watsonville, CA.  I spent most of the day in bib knickers and a cycling jersey, so this is my post-ride outfit (pajamas!)
Cardigan: Julia cardigan (handmade, unblogged)
Cami: Ann Taylor Loft
PJ bottoms: handmade, unblogged

May 19, Monday: Substituted in a Bio lab for a colleague at the college.
Blouse: Alma blouse (handmade, here)
Skirt: self-drafted and handmade, here

May 20, Tuesday: Substituted for the lab again and final exam for Patternmaking class
Dress: Cambie dress (handmade, here)

May 21, Wednesday:  Proctored an exam at the college.  This is one of my favorite outfits!
Knit shirt: Target
Skirt: Vintage 70s pattern, handmade here

May 22, Thursday: Sewing, errands and lunch date with my big boy.
Top: “Heidi top”, handmade here
Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft

May 22: Friday: Sewing
Blouse: From Japanese pattern book, handmade here
Shorts: Scalloped shorts, handmade here (first repeated garment)

May 23: Saturday: Shopping and errands
Dress: handmade, here
Necklace: made by a local ceramics artist here

I’m realizing that I need more “regular” clothes–basic pants, unfancy skirts and dresses, and simple blouses (not t’s).  Luckily, Katie over at the Creative Counselor is hosting a Back-2-Basics Sewalong the first week of June.  I might have to shift my “basics week” until the following since I have several sewing projects (that are not basics!) due around then, but it’s certainly on my radar!

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