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Me-Made-May Roundup #2

Okay, second full week down and I’ve kept up my streak of wearing at least one me-made garment per day (and no repeats so far!).  So here we go with the roundup:

Sunday, May 11th
Top: me-made here
Gray capri pants: me-made here

Monday, May 12th
Dress: me-made here

Tuesday, May 13th
Top: me-made here
Shorts: Anthropologie (though it hurt a little to buy them when I’ve been making pants and shorts!)
Little boy’s hat and shorts: mom-made (unblogged)

Wednesday, May 14th
Blouse: me-made here
Ponte knit skirt: me-made (unblogged)

Thursday, May 15th
Dress: me-made here
Belt: J.crew

Friday, May 16th
Blouse: me-made (unblogged)
Jeans: Gap

Saturday, May 17th
Blouse: me-made (unblogged–can you tell I’m testing a pattern??  It’s the same as the one I wore on Day 1 of MMM)
Jeans: Gap

Phew!  Another week down…I’m running out of clothes, but I guess it’s acceptable to wear the same items more than once 🙂  Tomorrow I’m doing a “fun ride“, and I have zero handmade cycling clothes, so perhaps pajamas will make an appearance for when I’m done!

1 thought on “Me-Made-May Roundup #2”

  1. Oh no, if only I'd known I would have got that lycra cycling bootie PDF up faster! Have fun on your ride and I'm very impressed with your me-made-wardrobe. (I could almost have participated this year but then everyone would realise that I wear the same clothes all the time!)


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