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Knit wrap dress (not quite sure about this one)

So the photos make it look lovely, but truth be told, I’m not sold on this dress yet.  I’ve worn it, and it’s fine, but I’m not in love with it like I had been hoping.  The pattern is Vogue V1027.  For the pattern changes: I reduced the length of the dress by about a foot (mostly to save fabric and because I’m too short for that kind of thing) and reduced the sweep of the skirt like so:
I also changed how the ties were finished, making them more like closed tubes instead of just turning and hemming because the fabric is white on the wrong side, and it was pretty glaring
First off, I should have known better and reduced the excess fabric in the bust region on the faux wrap. Again, standing it looks fine (after I inserted elastic along the front edge to hold it better), but sitting or leaning over (as I tend to do with kids, while teaching, and you know, living) is a different story.  
The fabric (Girl Charlee) is odd.  I’ve washed it once and it is on the verge of pilling already.  Ugh, I hate that!  But I love the color and the weight is good (medium-heavy), and cotton/lycra is a fave of mine, so I’ll just have to wash it less frequently.
On the plus side: pockets!  On the negative side: the skirt is full enough that the fabric on the left side is on the bias by the time you get to the side seam, and the pocket is kind of wonky.  You can see it in the photo above.  It’s annoying enough that I’m still considering getting rid of the pockets (gasp!).
You know it kills me to have to post photos of the back of garments?  I seriously don’t like this view of myself, but it feels disingenuous to not show all views.  Back to the front!
Well, I’m sure I’ll wear it, but I’ll probably just be annoyed the whole time 🙂  Suffice it to say, I’m still on the hunt for the perfect wrap knit dress.  And when I find it, I’ll wear nothing else!  Any wrap dress pattern suggestions??
Resewlution 2014, April: garment #2.

19 thoughts on “Knit wrap dress (not quite sure about this one)”

  1. I really like it! Both shape and colours. I am allso a big fan ogæf wrap dresses. I had a hard time finding the perfect pattern. But then I came over a faux wrap version of the Lady skater dress (I`m shure you`ve heard about it!). A followed very easy instructions for the wrap, and now this is my go -to pattern for wrap dresses:) I have another one on my sewing table right now:) check it out:)



  2. The dress looks really nice, it's a shame with all the things that are going on. I've had bad experience with Girl Charlee too. All my fabrics pilled with only 2 wears, even the fabric that I thought was high quality. Eek. May be you should try a different knit fabric, not from Girl Charlee.


  3. Wrap dresses are so hard to pin down, but I've found one I really like. Warning: it's an Onion pattern and you have to fiddle with the directions (at least I did) to have the whole neck band/tie thing make sense. But, Onion 2037 is GREAT. Made it for my daughter and her response was “Can you make me another one”…! Always nice when that's the verdict!

    I'm trying to get around to blogging about it (www.windows2wearables.com) now that both hands are finally out of casts (long story – it's on my blog). I've taken the pictures, including the tie thing, so hopefully it will help you assess the pattern.

    Yours is pretty – like the fabric (hate that it's almost pilling – death!). I think you'd love the Onion pattern, as it would suit your shape 🙂 There are some good reviews on patternreview already.


  4. I've made this pattern too & after reading lots of other reviews I sized down 2 sizes in the bodice & the fit was much better. I think you will like it with a more fitted bodice.


  5. You are absolutely right it does look lovely in the photos! Is there any way you could do a sneaky little hook and eye or snap to prevent a leanover wardrobe malfunction? And would a bar tack permanently attaching the pocket forward to the front of the dress solve le wonky pocket problem? Because it is lovely on you and if they were easily fixed issues maybe you'd love it more?


  6. I dislike Girl Charlee knits. I really haven't made much with their fabric that I've been pleased with. The adage, “You get what you pay for” certainly fits with my experience. Thanks for your notes about this pattern. I have it but knew it was too long and too full for my frame. I'm on the hunt for the perfect wrap dress and I fear it's elusive! While I don't like the pleats, I'm liking The V8784 I made last year. The finishes are less-than-desirable, but it's wearable and I'm complimented every time I do!


  7. I've made this dress before, and I love it. I think it looks pretty good in the photos, but I think the real problem is the fabric. I wouldn't choose a Girl Charlee fabric for this kind of dress. Their fabrics are fine for kids clothes that will only be worn for a short time and worn out or grown out of quickly. You could probably go down a size or two for the bodice of this dress, using a more substantial knit. I didn't have problems with the pockets, but that could be due to the adjustments you made to the skirt pattern. You may not want to waste your time on this pattern again, but you might like it in a better quality fabric.


  8. Oh, thank you for the the pattern suggestion! I've seen Onion patterns, but hadn't considered the wrap dress (the line drawing doesn't look particularly interesting). However, a good recommendation makes all the difference!

    Goodness, I'm glad to hear you are out of your casts. Both hands! What an ordeal!


  9. Two sizes might just do it! I'd be worried about the waist band, but I guess the ties hide any digging in if it's too small there. Thank you for the suggestion!


  10. The knits just seem inconsistent (I've had some that are better), but Joann's is worse, and I don't have any other places to get knit fabrics without a significant drive.

    As for the pattern, I have to figure out a way to “design out” the pleats–I certainly don't need them! Another reader suggested Onion 2037 and that doesn't have pleats, that might be better.


  11. Thank you for the suggestions–and it's good to know that it's worked well for you. Fabric is a big part of the problem, but sizing down (and removing the pleats) would definitely make it a significantly improved pattern. I do like the overall shape of the style, so I think it's worth it! Now, to find a more appropriate fabric!


  12. Oh it is such a pretty colour! You look lovely but I understand when something bugs you it just doesn't feel like a success even if it looks brilliant (and it does!).
    I'm always nervous to buy knit fabrics online but I recently bought some Liberty carnaby jersey on sale at fabric.com and it is promising to be fantastic although I'm yet to cut into it….


  13. I missed these posts! In fact, I miss a lot of posts on a lot of blogs these days. I had no idea you were making wrap dresses. I'm so intrigued. Off to the second wrap dress post now!


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