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All-time favorite dress pattern, in stretch denim

All winter I’ve been thinking about this particular dress pattern (out of print Vogue V7871).  Last summer, I made two versions (stretch denim and modern linen print) and wore them relentlessly. The pattern fits perfectly, the shape suits my figure, and it looks effortlessly put-together (because, hey, if you’ve got a dress on you’re put-together, right?!).  So I’ve been thinking up new pocket configurations and looking out for fabrics for a new summers-worth of a-line dresses.

This version is made from a stretch bottomweight from Joann’s.  I’ve seen it in the stores for a few seasons now, and I finally broke down and bought it.  This fabric is incredible.  It washes and dries without needing ironing, is slightly stretchy, and has a nice, medium weight (so I don’t feel like it needs a lining).  Seriously, I wore this all day (coffee with a friend, nap with my toddler, trip to the park, etc.) and not a wrinkle in sight.  Still baffled by those that think dresses are fussy–they certainly don’t have to be!

I’ve had this hot pink belt (J.Crew) for a while and knew it was destined to go with this dress fabric, so I went ahead and put some belt loops on the sides to hold it in place.  LOVE.

The pockets are dramatic slashes across the front (note: the original dress pattern has no pockets whatsoever).  Maybe a bit too dramatic, but they are nicely concealed by the busy fabric.  The front of the pocket is pale pink batiste.
For the inside, all edges were coverstitched (and I even was so compelled to change my serger cones to pale pink!).

Back invisible zipper, from the inside (not so invisible here!)

Does this print look like animal stripes to anyone else?  From afar it could be some kind of zebra print, but up close, whoa!  It’s flowers!
It feels like such a win to make a fun, versatile dress for under $25 and 2.5 hours.  I’m trying to decide how many versions of the same pattern I can make before it gets weird 🙂
March Resewlution 2014, garment #3.  (Actually #4, but I’m waiting for the notions for a second version to reveal my “dress bloomers”….so, so excited about that!). 

25 thoughts on “All-time favorite dress pattern, in stretch denim”

  1. Really lovely. It's just such a great combination of pattern and fabric. I'm so enamoured with making and remaking patterns that work, altering and playing with details to make them unique. It's so beautifully finished too. Love it.


  2. This is beautiful! The belt was definitely meant to go with this dress. I'm starting to wrap my mind around the concept and appeal of TNT patterns. It's so obvious and makes so much sense, but it's taken me forever to embrace.


  3. Absolutely beautiful. I've been circling that fabric at JoAnn's myself, waiting for the perfect pattern inspiration for it. Now I'll have to buy it. 🙂

    I adore the pockets! Did you draft them yourself, or adapt them from another pattern? I want to put those pockets on every dress I make from now on. They're awesome.


  4. Every day I find a new blog to follow <3

    I always fondle this fabric but have never LOOKED at it! What a fantastic dress! And it's so pretty on the inside too!!!!


  5. Brigette, I love stretch denim for trousers (like Simplicity 2700) or any casual dress. It works well for garments that are fitted and don't have too many gathers. Best of luck with your fabric!


  6. I did draft them myself! I've made this dress with on-seam pockets, which are fine, but I like the design of slash pockets. I wouldn't know what to do with my hands if I didn't have pockets! 🙂 I


  7. Thank you! After perfecting the fit of a particular pattern, it's so nice to just change it up in those little details to make it different and have a great garment without all the effort!


  8. I agree, Joann's is super hit or miss, but the stretch denims have been working for me! Good luck! (By the way, Joann's has an app for Android, and probably iPhone, to get coupons. And you can use both paper and phone coupons during the same transaction!)


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