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Renfrew in dotted viscose/lycra knit

If you arriving here from Britex, welcome to Nicole at Home!

I managed my “Resewlution 2014” goal for March (at least a single garment for myself a month) on the very first day of the month!  As a Guest Blogger for Britex, I had the opportunity to use some of their beautiful knit fabrics and a well-loved Sewaholic pattern to make this lovely cowl-neck top (and give some basic tips for sewing with knits!). Since I’ve made this pattern before (thick wool version and silky wool version), sizing wasn’t an issue–I just cut and sewed!

I worked to match up the stripes on the sides, but didn’t want them to be completely continuous across the arms, so the stripes there are positioned slightly lower. For the sleeve and hem cuffs, the pattern is also uninterrupted (you can’t even tell there are cuffs there!)
This knit fabric from Britex is really lovely.  It’s light- to mid-weight (viscose/lycra) so it’s slinky-drapey, but has enough body not be annoying while cutting or sewing.  It truly works wonderfully for this pattern, especially for the cowl version.  Check out the other colorway!  And, for my practical side, it washes and dries perfectly!
Here’s a view from the back.  The placement of the stripes on the cowl create a large dark swath, but the look from the front makes up for it.
My little boy was working the remote shutter button.
I love this style because it can be dressed up or down, and is super comfy.  I’ll probably wear this to work with khakis or a skirt (maybe even this one!)  Overall, another solid top that I’ll be sure to wear like crazy.  Thank you to Britex for providing the fabric and thread, and Sewaholic for the pattern!  

5 thoughts on “Renfrew in dotted viscose/lycra knit”

  1. It's a lovely top, and I particularly like the way you positioned the stripes on the arms – I don't think I would have thought to do that, but it worked out really nicely.


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