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Renfrew in double knit wool

As one of the Community Match winners in the SOSM, I was awarded three Sewaholic patterns.  In my opinion, it was the best prize of all  (among many awesome awards, by the way!) and I was super duper thrilled!  Always the pragmatic, I chose the Renfrew top, Thurlow trousers and the Alma blouse, figuring I could get lots of use out of those, for both work and “play” clothes. Of course, work has been keeping me from my sewing room, so it wasn’t until I overbought at a big wool sale at the local fabric store that I was pushed over the edge and I finally couldn’t resist anymore.  (By the way, if you’re in the South Bay in Nor Cal, Eddie’s Quilting Bee has more gorgeous wools, silks, and other apparel fabric than one can take, and it’s all 50% off until 11/11.  No I don’t work there, just an honest plug for a great selection of fabric :).  

With several wool knits in hand, I chose to start with the Renfrew top and this rust colored double knit wool.  I was a little worried that the collar would be a bit much with this thick of fabric, but I actually kind of love it.  Definitely a statement!  With a fitted wool shirt, I was worried about the itchiness, but this fabric is surprisingly soft and not at all itchy!

I left the hem and sleeves unhemmed (at least for now) since the fabric doesn’t fray at all and I was concerned that folding it under would make it look too bulky.  
(Ignore the clay on my pants and sleeves!  Ridiculously, I chose to wear this to help with the pottery class at my son’s school, where I somehow fell into the role of assisting the kids on the wheel.  Not a bad way to spend the morning, but probably should have photographed the top beforehand!).  
Overall, I was incredibly pleased with this pattern.  I made a size 2 with a petite alteration in the waist, though usually I like my tops a bit more fitted, so I’ll try a 0 next time.  With some major strategic planning and clipping about an inch off the length of the cowl, I even managed to cut the pattern from about 1 1/8 yard of fabric.  Next up: a wool dress?  We’ll see if I can pull off two garments in a week!

9 thoughts on “Renfrew in double knit wool”

  1. I love Sewaholic Patterns and agree with you that you got one of the best possible prizes out of the community match. I'm not sure what three patterns I would have chosen. I already have the three that you chose! Also, as a former Bay Area resident, I agree that Eddie's Quilting Bee was pretty great. I bought my machine there and had so much fun taking the three years of classes that came free with the machine. I miss it!


  2. love your renfrew. I agree that it is the best win of all to get 3 sewaholic patterns!! I just made the Alma and love it so much. I can't wait to try the thurlow and renfrew too 😀

    beautiful fabric too


  3. I feel like Eddie's apparel selection is like my own personal secret stash–I never see anyone else in the room that houses that fabric! But his newest acquisition of a staggering number of vintage fabrics from a closed-down fabric store is absolutely incredible. It's actually taking mental strength and willpower not to drive back and buy more (although after what my husband just threw down for a carbon fiber wheel set for his bike, I think I can justify a few more yards of on-sale wool fabric 🙂


  4. Thank you! The Renfrew is so quick and easy–perfect to fit in between other projects or a hectic schedule. The Thurlows look to be a bit more of a challenge, but I have two beautiful fabrics earmarked for those (and one is cashmere!), so I might have to carve out the time!


  5. Oh man – 5 years ago or so I used to travel out to Sunnyvale regularly and drive by that store on my way to work. Now I'm regretting even more that I never stopped by!


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