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Crashing the "Sweet Pouch Swap" party

Even though I wasn’t quick enough to get in on the *very* exclusive official Sweet Pouch Swap this time around, my friend Samantha acted as match-maker and coordinated Dee and I to swap pouches and sweets anyhow!  Unsanctioned sweet sending, guerrilla pouch swapping, pouch party crashing, whatever it is, today I received the very lovely and very sweet pouch from Dee all the way from Australia.  It was torture to have to ride my bike the whole mile home from the post office, staring at the package in my basket, before I could rip into it.   But it was well worth the wait!

Yellow and blue!  My favorite colors!  See how nicely it coordinates with the color of my sewing room?  It is destined to be a sewing tools pouch (which is timely since I need my other pouch back for school supplies!).  The pouch is quite spacious, and I was fortunate enough to have received it just filled with Australian goodies:
I may or may not have already eaten one (or possibly two) pieces before taking this photo 🙂  So many sweets AND a cute felt flower pin, too.  Wow!  Many thanks (and hugs!) to Dee; she put together such a beautiful and thoughtful package.  
Once I hear that she’s received my sweets and pouch, I’ll reveal what I sent to her!  So much fun!

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