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Coastal Cargo Sewalong (and some others)

There are a bunch of seriously exciting sewalongs going on right now.  Most started yesterday, but it’s not too late to get on board!

Having received an early-warning notice from Melly Sews, I purchased the fabric for a Blank Slate sewalong:  Coastal Cargos (affiliate link).  The timing of this sewalong is perfect since school starts for my big boy next Monday.  The kids occupied themselves for a while and let me sew yesterday, so I managed to finish the welt pockets, slash pockets, zip fly, side seams and cargo pockets (so many pockets–a garment after my own heart!)  Here are some work-in-progress photos:

One of the welt pockets
Zip fly
Cargo pocket with button tab for rolling up the pants
After another productive sewing day today, I only have the hem and buttonhole left, and if I hadn’t run out of thread, they’d be done!  
In other sewing news….

Thanks to Katie at Creative Counselor, I found Thread Theory Designs!  Menswear patterns that are hip and stylish!  Their Jedediah Shorts (or pants) Sewalong begins on the 15th (this Thursday!).  I snapped that pattern up the moment I saw it and I’d love to join in with that sewing event, but I’ll need to convince the family that we should go to Santa Cruz so I can visit Hart’s Fabric.  Since it’s near the beach, it might not be such a hard sell!

If kids and mens wear aren’t that exciting for you, Sewaholic is hosting a Saltspring Sewalong (starting yesterday).  I’ve been dying to try out one of Tasia’s patterns, and this is a super cute dress, but GAH! I really must shift into sewing work-appropriate clothing for myself.

And then there are the 8 bagillion other patterns and ideas I have in mind, all competing for my attention:

  • fabric arrived in the mail for the Bombshell bathing suit (not most seasonally appropriate, but…)
  • Nani Iro fabric with a dress in mind (pattern drafting in the works)…
  • This pattern, with no fabric in hand….
  • And many others….
I need help–how do you keep track of and prioritize all the projects you have in mind?  

9 thoughts on “Coastal Cargo Sewalong (and some others)”

  1. If you figure out that prioritizing thing, let me know. My thought is I need to stop looking at other blogs and getting so much inspiration…I want to do it all!!! I'm going to have figure something else out, though, because I love looking at everyone's creations!


  2. Love your topstitching! Can't wait to see the cargos!

    I keep a little sewing journal (non-electronic) in which I take notes on each project, brainstorm ideas, wishlists, pattern modifications, etc. There are several pages for “upcoming projects.” Once I write them down, they seem to occupy less daydreaming energy. Plus, when I'm ready for a new project, it's easy to see what strikes my fancy.


  3. Im doing the coastal cargo sewalong too! I started my welts late last night but the baby woke up so today during nap i will catch up and then tonight will do as much as possible. Im making both kids pants at the same time. I did make both kids some really comfy knit pants using the pattern and made the girl a matching recess raglan for a complete suit… I priortize by sewing what im most excited about first. So things are always getting pushed back, such as my washi dress… I hope you share everything on your list as you get it done


  4. After your post, I looked into sewing journals and found a “Fashionary”. It hasn't arrived yet, but I'm hoping it will help me convert the tons of ideas into more substantial plans! We'll see!


  5. I don't have many due dates (other than self-imposed), but maybe that's the problem! I just looked into Evernote, though, and it looks like it might be super useful for sewing (and my teaching, too!). Thanks!


  6. I tend to prioritize by what is most exciting, too, but if I feel like I'm struggling with part of the project, it starts to slips down the list.

    I made a recess raglan to go with my coastal cargos, too! It was pretty huge on my boy, but with all the sizes, I'll just try it again–they whip up really fast!


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