SOSM: Thanks!

Skirt Drafting
Roller Skate Dress
It’s a Cinch Tote

I can’t lie, I’m pretty disappointed to have been eliminated from the Super Online Sewing Match in this round!   But at the end of the day, I feel so very proud of the work I put forth for this competition.  I stayed true to my aesthetic and ripped out every seam I wasn’t happy with, so I know I did the absolute best work I could.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have even been chosen to participate, so I’ll certainly be following the rest of the Match and wish the remaining sewists the best of luck!

Without the demands of the SOSM, I can return to my regularly scheduled sewing program!  There are baby gifts to finish up and maybe I can finally make the apron my sister has been requesting for months.  Unfortunately, I have this dress design in mind that’s pushing its way to the front of the line, so she might have to wait a wee bit longer… 🙂 
Thank you to everyone that has followed along, and especially those that have commented with such kind and encouraging words!

16 thoughts on “SOSM: Thanks!”

  1. Awe. I'm sorry to hear you were eliminated. I enjoyed your projects. I'm glad to have discovered and started following your blog as a result of SOSM. 😀


  2. Sorry to see you were eliminated this round. Your projects have been great to see. I hope you do keep enjoying getting back to your regular sewing program. That should keep the family happy 🙂


  3. I will admit, I did an audible gasp when I saw you were no longer in the running! I'm shocked! That bag was unreal and absolutely my favorite, I had you pegged to win the finale. But, perhaps, it didn't happen for a reason…something amazing must come of this because your incredible talent is evident!


  4. aww… I am sorry the hear that:(
    But what an experience it must have been!
    I know exectly what you meen about putting something else aside, just so you can start on something that is buiding up inside your head and just waiting to get out! That feeling, when you just want to put everything on the side and finnish whats soooo much more fun!


  5. i loved all your entries, and your bag was in my top 3 favorites! i've got lots of new ideas from your contest entries, so thank you so much. thank you! 🙂


  6. I agree with Melissa q, I was gutted you are out this round, your bag was amazing and by far my favorite. Everything yo sewed for SOSM was great, I love your aesthetic/style.


  7. I was shocked like so many others. And I thought you were going to win. Everything you made is so amazing. I am happy that due to the competition I have found your blog too. Can't wait to see this dress you are going to make. Your sewing really inspires me.


  8. I'm disappointed too. Your yoked skirt inspired me to sign up for the Craftsy A-line skirt course and attempt my own copycat version (cough…have to redo the yoke due to serious fit issues). Keep up the amazing work!


  9. I can't believe that all of my own thoughts and feelings have already been articulated in the comments, but I think they bear repeating, so here I go.

    ALL of your entries were my favorites during the contest, and I would've given you the grand prize! I'm really disappointed that we won't get to watch you complete the remaining challenges because your work and your blog inspired me to sew along. (I've even bought the Kindle version of Zakka Style!)

    Best of luck with your upcoming projects–I'll be following your blog!


  10. Hey, the sewing challenge brought me to your blog, the only one from the contestants that I have decided to follow. I love your work, it's beautiful. Your eye for cut, colour and fabric is spot on, with everything being wearable or useable. There is a difference between 'home made' and 'hand made' ( my grandmother says) and you are on the right side of the line. Well done and keep up the good work. 🙂


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