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Another roller skate dress

As mentioned here, I made a second version of the Roller Skate Dress to head-off any possible sadness that might have arisen if one sister received a new dress and not the other.

Of course, I didn’t get any photos of the beautiful little girl actually in the dress, except with her sister:
I made this version exactly as directed in the Oliver+S instructions, with the exception of French seams throughout and an alteration of the neckline.  Instead of dipping into a V, I smoothed out the neckline to be a simple curve.  I just adore simplicity of the self-fabric button.
There’s a cute self-fabric button on the back too:
After all the work aligning chevrons, I wasn’t sure I could face more stripe matching.  But despite my best efforts, I couldn’t avoid it, so I had to plan the cutting of this dress too, to make sure the front and back matched up.  
This was a throw-together sort of dress, though, and there is a stripe mis-match in the back that makes me absolutely crazy.  Can you spot it?  Believe me, had this been for the actual competition, I would have ripped it all out to get it right!   Sometimes you just have to let it go…
With all of the incredible entries for Round 2, I feel very fortunate to be advancing in the competition. Now we get to tackle a bag pattern!  

9 thoughts on “Another roller skate dress”

  1. This one is cute too!! I am really in love with that fabric! Now im going to be looking all over for something similar. What is a self-fabric button? Is it not the same as a fabric covered button?


  2. Yes! I have included the chevron dress in that Flickr group, but need to get this one in there, too! By the way, your blue chevron version of this dress is absolutely stunning!


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