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Super Online Sewing Match

It’s been quite a crazy week.  We’re still visiting family in upstate NY and I was going to post photos of my “Me Made Vacay” right about now, but then something exciting happened.  Anyone heard of the Super Online Sewing Match (formerly known as the Super Online Sewing Bee) sponsored by Sew Mama Sew?  Yeah?  I’m one of the 10 contestants!

I even have this snazzy badge to prove it!  Our first challenge is to draft and sew a skirt.  Nice!  I have some experience with this, so the fact that I can’t truly start the garment until the day before the due date (uh, yikes) is making me only slightly crazy.

In other news, my “Me Made Vacay” has been a pretty good success.  I packed maybe 4 purchased items of clothing (and cycling clothes, of course, since we shipped our bikes)….but all other tops, bottoms and dresses were made by me!  We’re heading further east to visit more family today, so here’s some photos of what I’ve been wearing to catch frogs (top here, capri pants here).

And enjoy some wine after dinner (top, purchased at Anthro and shorts here):

If I wore shoes at all on this vacation, I was wearing Wellies.  Between catching frogs and playing with my sister’s brand new baby piglet, boots were a must.   Needless to say, they will remain in NY since I don’t need them in CA!  Piglets, frogs, chickens, fireflies, grass?  My kids are definitely experiencing culture shock, in the best possible way.

We’re headed to Boston today and then back home, so I’ll catch you all on West Coast time!

5 thoughts on “Super Online Sewing Match”

  1. Congratulations! I'm glad I found your blog through this competition. Good luck! (And your trip description reminds me of when my cousins would visit from CA when we were kids!)


  2. Congratulations on and good-luck with the contest! So happy I found your blog as a contestant; am so enjoying reading about and seeing your creations. 🙂


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