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Fix or Fail: wavy striped top

I started this top ages ago and even though it was mostly done, it was relegated to my Unfinished Pile.  The fabric is tissue-weight knit from Britex (purchased in the store) and, for me anyway,  it was really difficult to sew.  And after struggling with the construction, in an act of final desperation to avoid using my double-needle (this was pre-coverstitch machine) I used the serger to make a rolled hem.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately….) there are no photos to show how absolutely awful the wavy hem looked on this top.

Once I got my coverstitch machine, I pulled the shirt out of The Pile, trimmed off the rolled hem and sewed a proper hem.  It was *just* long enough (barely!).

The pattern, KwikSew K3616, is fine, but I think with all the fiddling and resewing I had to do with the difficult fabric, it just didn’t turn out as well as I’d like.  It isn’t the worst thing ever, so maybe I just have negative feelings toward it since it gave me such a hard time? 🙂  Either way, I’ve tried to wear it but have taken it off in favor of other tops.

Not every project can be perfect, so what have you revived lately from your Unfinished Pile?  Were you successful at fixing the problem, or was a lost cause?   Share (and link to your blogs/photos) so we can all commiserate!

6 thoughts on “Fix or Fail: wavy striped top”

  1. I think we all have things Er dread to finnish… I startet a Chanel-style jacket a few months ago. I cutted the pattern, made a muslin, was happy whit that and started cutting the fabric and the lining. excep. I went out of lining fabric and did'nt get more yet… any who… I`m just not feeling it, you know? But I really should finnish it soon!
    When that is said, I really like your top and the shape of it. Great fabric:)


  2. I so understand, I have done a lot of garments that “just don't suit me, or just don't fit right” so they head to the get rid of pile ,ha.. Sometimes, I go back and fix them, and sometimes, [if they give me lots of trouble]they head to the garbage


  3. If nothing else, though, it make me sad to toss all that fabric! Sometimes I've tried to use the fabric for another purpose, but many times there just aren't large enough pieces to make it worth the while.


  4. At least where we are it's pretty hot, so its completely understandable that you aren't motivated to make a jacket! Maybe you'll get the spark to finish it when Fall rolls around!


  5. I have a shirt in my pile that I worked on for three days. But turns out it doesn't fit right; too big and the finishing touches of buttons and cuffs I rushed through at the end. It didn't come out like I wanted it too but I think I can do something to make it work. Maybe I'll give a go tomorrow 😉


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