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Chevron swimsuit

Considering I have barely a use for them, I’ve become a bathing suit-sewing addict.  This is another style (C) from my vintage pattern (McCalls 5036) to go with my polka-dotted version F.
I left off the bow at the bodice because it was a little floppy, and with a style change for the straps creating a bow in the back, I certainly didn’t need more than one.  The little cut-out at the bodice is pretty cute, though.
All of the suit styles in this pattern set are intended to tie behind the neck, but I changed it up adding a little loop at the middle of the back and tying the straps in a bow.  The straps are much more comfortable this way, and I can slip off the suit without having to untie, which is a big bonus.  
I am absolutely loving the low-cut legs. I can bend over, wrestle kids into bathing suits or out of the pool and I don’t have to constantly pull down the bottom to keep decent.  I totally don’t care if I look like an old lady!
I added elastic along the bodice sides and around the midriff to help it feel more secure, especially when the suit is wet.  I’m really not sure why the pattern doesn’t call for it, but it’s needed.  I actually took apart my red suit to add the bodice elastic (and additionally lining fabric), and it’s SO much better.
The fun chevron print is from The Fabric Fairy (which carries an incredible assortment of swimsuit fabric) and the suit is completely lined with nude fabric from Joann’s.  Total cost, under $20.  
If we had a pool or ready access to a place to swim, I would be making many, many more suits (including the Bombshell!), but as it is, our Mom-Tot class is ending this week.  Come on friends with pools–have some parties! 

14 thoughts on “Chevron swimsuit”

  1. You are killing me with these swimsuits! Both of them have looked amazing! I immediately went to my thrift store to look for this pattern. They had one swimsuit pattern, but it was an 80s, high leg, baywatch looking pattern.


  2. You have to at least MAKE it! Reserve the moxie for posting online photos of yourself in it! 🙂 Good luck, they are easier than you think!


  3. No way! I have this EXACT SAME pattern in my collection and plans to make it up this summer! I'd like to make version E with a high waist.

    PS I started following your blog after seeing your stellar shorts on Shorts on the Line, and just saw you'll be a contestant in the Great Online Sewing Bee! CONGRATS! Well deserved.


  4. I feel way too old for the bikini versions, but maybe a high waisted bottom would be acceptable–let me know how yours turns out!

    Thanks so much! I'm pretty excited and very nervous about this whole Sewing Bee thing!


  5. LOVE this! I have this very print and am saving it for the Bombshell, with plans to whip it up in time for my Mexico trip this winter – awesome to see the fabric turned into something so fantastic!


  6. I've been searching for home sewn swimsuit inspirations and yours is my absolute favorite because you seem to have found the perfect pattern for me haha.. I am a pear shape petite, always so worried about butt coverage and shopping for swimsuits are a pain.. If I can fit into the top, I can't fit into the bottom, vice versa. Am gonna try the pattern you've used, love both your swimsuits especially this one. The cutout is so chic, you look fab!


  7. My first comment seems to have disappeared. Sorry if this is a duplicate.
    I tracked down this pattern and am about to make the bikini version of this one. I love the pleat detail and also prefer it without the bow. I wondered about adding elastic around the bust and underarms. Did you add the elastic to the lining side and then turn under like most swimsuit patterns call for these days? Thanks!


  8. Lovely Swimsuit Photos!!! I would love to buy these swimsuit and I hope this will suit me. The best thing is that you are looking so comfortable and stylish in the swimsuit. I am having many swimsuits, but of different design and style.


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