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Plain jane dress

I know, it’s a boring blue dress.  But guys, before taking these photos, I’d worn this for two days and it even spent time folded in the bottom of the stroller during Mom-tot swim class this morning.  And it still looks respectable!   If I have to choose something to wear, I’ll grab the boring yet incredibly comfortable, flattering, hides stains, looks nice (it’s a dress!), doesn’t wrinkle garment any day, and twice on Sunday (or twice this week, as the case may be).  Why do people think dresses are so fussy??

The pattern is the same semi-vintage (since it’s not available anymore) Vogue pattern as this one.  It’s super simple, but has a flattering shape and takes almost no time to sew up.  I used light weight stretch denim from Joann’s and the contrast trim on the inside is some kind of light weight striped cotton from Britex.  To take it up a few notches, I used bias tape liberally–around the neckline, waistline, hemline and armholes.  All for my own enjoyment 🙂

I finally ordered some new labels, too!

Nonchalantly checking out my biased-trimmed hem.  Since this is an A-line skirt, with a fairly wide hem (about 1 1/2″), I ran a basting stitch around the edge, eased the fullness and then sewed the bias tape on to hold it in place.  Then, sewed the hem.

Contrasting pockets, too!  More and more I appreciate the details that only I see on the inside.

Best part of all–I can wear it with my retro 80s belt!  (Purchased here.)  I have woefully few opportunities to wear it, but with this dress, it’s a highlighted accessory!

I’d wear it again tomorrow, but that would just be weird.  In the laundry it goes!

33 thoughts on “Plain jane dress”

  1. I love it Nicole! I think we underestimate well fitted, well made garments because they are wardrobe staples. But imagine if we didn't have them, oy, the things I'd go out in!


  2. I know what you mean…there's a iridescent pink sequined tube top in my closet that gets passed up every day in favor of boring staples 🙂


  3. What a great dress! I would totally wear it everyday, it's exactly the type of dress I'm craving for at the moment: simple, versatile and beautiful! Too bad I can't buy that pattern anymore!


  4. Do scoop it up–it's a great pattern! Just make sure you compare your measurements with the garment measurements–there's way too much ease in the pattern! I may have to post my pattern piece for on-seam pockets. They're sewn into the waistband so they don't flop around. 🙂


  5. I can't tell you how versatile this dress has become in my wardrobe–heels and chunky necklace for dinner out, and sandals for picking up the kids from camp. Awesome.


  6. I love your dress! It inspired me to find a similar pattern and make one in chambray! I was wondering what company you use to make your labels. I've been searching Etsy, but I don't really need to order 500+!


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