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Little Birdy skirt

I love skirts.  Other than the logistics of sitting on the ground, I so much prefer them to shorts.  And just when my thoughts swing toward sewing up some leg-baring options, Crafterhours announces their annual Skirt Week.  How fortuitous! 

This lovely Echino linen blend fabric was purchased for another purpose (an apron), but I kept coming back to it with a skirt in mind.  Rifling through my pattern drawer revealed nothing that I was excited about, particularly for a single yard of fabric.  So I drafted my own pattern!

Using this wonderful book and my own measurements, I drew up a basic A-line skirt pattern.  Then, using the lines created by the darts, made a simple 6 gore skirt.  Since all skirts need pockets, I cut the side pieces, added pocket bags and trimmed them with piping.

The skirt is completely lined in white muslin, since the linen is actually a little itchy.  Besides, I like a few more layers to hide any lumps and bumps.

I did have to make some slight fit adjustments, but no more than I would have had to make with a commercial pattern.  Maybe even fewer!

This is a little dressier than I need for my current role as stay-at-home mom, but I guess it just means I’ll have to plan more lunch dates! 

21 thoughts on “Little Birdy skirt”

  1. Hi Carolyn, I drafted the darts as you would for a regular A-line skirt, but drew a line perpendicular from the waistline down to the hem from the bottom of the darts. I cut on that line creating three pieces for the front and 3 for the back. So yes, the pieces get narrower at the top, but it's the exact size of the darts. (Don't forget to add seam allowance!)


  2. I found your blog through Rae's spring top sewalong post, and then saw this! I try not to do too much commenting on the flickr groups so as to remain biased and fair, but hey, I'm not a judge, so I'm just going to go ahead and say that this is currently my favorite skirt in the running! Your fit and fabric choice and pocket detail – it's all perfection. Very nice 🙂 And thanks for the two shout-outs 🙂

    ps: i can't believe I haven't seen your blog before! following now!


  3. Wow, thank you! Skirt Week is such good kick in the pants (or rather, skirt? 🙂 to create something lovely, so I very much appreciate all the work you do to host the event for all of us!


  4. Brilliant! I used the same pattern (or, ah, well, you know..made from the same book) and also made panels but I love how yours is shaped in a straighter style. And, obviously, the fabric choice is brilliant. So glad that skirt week brought me to your blog! (I think my chances at winning skirt week are slimmer as a result but hey, life is to short to worry about that.) ❤


  5. Thank you! I wore it today, and it was comfortable through an entire day of sitting at a conference (and a bit of running to move my car :). Yay!


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