holiday, sewing

Merry Christmas!

Hands down, my favorite decoration for the house is this advent calendar, made three years ago.  I based it on my in-laws wood version, but ours is all felt, with tiny rick rack, ribbon and seed bead decorations for the ornaments.  Clearly made before child #2 came along, each number was hand cut with an exact-o knife from freezer paper and then stenciled.  I still can’t believe I went through all that trouble!

I don’t love a few of the ornaments (namely the penguin), but at this point my eldest wouldn’t stand for changing any of them.  However, one of the holly leaves has to be swapped out for another stocking with my youngest’s name on it.  He’s going to notice eventually!

One of our good friends made the cute purple bird (above) and the holly with silver berries (below).  So fun!

My son was thrilled to pull the ornament out of its pocket each day.  I love these kinds of family traditions!  Merry Christmas!

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