Yet another gathered clutch

I’ve been seeing this gathered clutch by Anna at Noodlehead in so many posts lately.  It’s a completely incredible and beautiful bag (which I’ve made several times, here and here) and I hopped on the bandwagon again because a good friend sadly misplaced the one I made for her.  When she said it was lost, I interrupted her sentence to offer to make a new one because they are that much fun (and quick, and easy, and cute…).  My friend has been doing “textile art”, using beautiful fabrics to create abstract wall art, so I borrowed her aesthetic as inspiration for this one.  Instead of the band described in the original pattern, I used an upholstery-weight woven fabric, and frayed the edges.  I applied it with the reverse side of the fabric outward, so you can see the contrast better.

I used a vintage metal zipper and lined it in a fun orange pattern.  Seriously, what makes this bag so fun to plan and make is the myriad of ways you can combine fabrics and textures.

4 thoughts on “Yet another gathered clutch”

  1. Thank you! The frayed edge wasn't very apparent from the right side, and when I flipped it over, I was pleased to see the two tones went well with the main fabric! Yay for pleasant surprises 🙂


  2. They are such fun and quick projects–I love them too!

    By the way, I am SUCH a huge fan of your fabric designs! They are simply beautiful. Love, love, love the boy meets backyard critters in Backyard Baby, and your florals are gorgeous. Wow!


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