Tilapia Tuesday!

We all love fish, especially my 6 year old.  When I take the weekly poll about what everyone wants for dinner, he usually asks for fish (hotdogs are his unfortunate other request).  While other fish might be a tad tastier, I tend toward tilapia because it’s mild flavored and fairly firm, making it easy to cook and versatile.  And unlike other fish (I’m looking at you, salmon) it doesn’t suffer from being frozen.  As a matter of fact, I only buy tilapia in frozen form, which makes for easy planning and quick, last-minute meals.  Even better, US farmed tilapia is listed as a “Best Choice” on the Seafood Watch list.

Since we have tilapia so often, I’d like to start a regular feature highlighting our tilapia recipe of the week.  Full disclosure: we won’t necessarily have the tilapia meal on Tuesday.  That’s too much pressure.  🙂

My first featured recipe is my current favorite use of tilapia and from Alton Brown: Fish Tacos.  My love for fish tacos is strong, and what makes this one so good is not just the tequila in the marinade.  Nope, the highlight is actually the chipotle chile crema.  It makes the whole shebang.  Tip of the day: I only use one chile from the can, so instead of tossing the rest of them, I freeze the chiles individually for use next time.  Because there will most definitely be a next time.  Enjoy!

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