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Myrtle dress in stretch silk

After making my wearable muslin top of the Myrtle dress by Colette Patterns, I immediately geared up for making a second version.  I made some pattern adjustments: reduced the depth of cowl (tutorial up tomorrow!), as well as some petite adjustments of the bodice at the waist AND the upper bodice to shorten the armholes.  I also redrafted the armholes a bit to make them slightly more curved at the bottom and narrowed the back bodice at the shoulders.  After all that, it fits great!

For the fabric, I used the most incredible stretch silk from Britex (unfortunately no longer available).  I washed and dried the fabric (on gentle and low heat) and it looks just as good as it did when before pre-treatment.  The stretch is significant and the fabric has a easy-to-sew texture and weight.  It’s a gorgeous fabric and was a pleasure to sew.

Since the fabric isn’t quite as stretchy as a knit, I finished the arm and neckholes with purchased bias binding.  I know, I know, purchased.  I’m okay with that 🙂  The hem was sewn with my narrow rolled edge foot.

I left off the pockets for a few reasons.  First off, I don’t love the shape of the provided pockets–they kind of flap around if not attached at the waistband.  Yes, I could have redrafted them, but….Second, the fabric is so light that I didn’t want to put any lumps or bumps under the skirt.  So, no pockets!

I love that the dress is dressy enough for any dinner date I might be fortunate enough to have (especially in Northern California), yet I could definitely pull it off for teaching (with a lab coat for messy labs, of course!).  
I can definitely see more of these dresses in my future!  
Be sure to check back tomorrow for the cowl neck reduction tutorial!
Resewlution 2014: July garment #3

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